September Surprise

We had an unwelcome visitor this month on the 11th! Maria trudged up the coast of Florida and sent extremely high winds and rains to our area. Fortunately, we only lost tree limbs and leaves on our property, but we did experience very much rain resulting in standing water for days and days.  The water almost  came into the inside porch area which is lower than the floor in our living area. We were without power for 5 days and could not flush the toilet for several days due to the standing water. Thankfully we have an old  sulpher well on the property that we were able to use for showers and flushing toilet once the water receded a bit.

Larry was finally able to  finally power wash the house and windows to get the wind driven debris off of them.  It is now September 28th. Hopefully there will be no more for this year. Harvey, Maria and the earthquake in Mexico. Enough!!!


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